LCS end-to-end supply chain management solutions provide integrated business and technology processes across the global. Our objective is to provide a seamless end-to-end solution for you.

Asset Management

Track every aspect of your assets’ life from initial budget proposal through to final disposal through Asset Management System!

It consists of a Core Asset Management Module and elective modules catering for Purchasing, Barcoding, Depreciation, Help Desk, Maintenance and Stock Control. As a further option, our External Interface Module also allows external applications (eg, web browser, ERP systems) to directly enact various transactions, allowing seamless integration Asset Management software into your overall IT systems.

Point Of Sale (POS)

Microinvest warehouse real time warehouse management software from micro invest, a Bulgarian company which is a leading provider of software solutions for wholesale and retail enterprises. It is a quality system that helps drive superior performance in warehouse logistics, is consistent with new market trends and has unlimited number of possibilities. Microinvest warehouse Pro enables you harness the power of information that you can make you invaluable to customers, a more agile competitor and market leader. It turns data into a value added information asset!  With warehouse pro, you have the answers to all your inventory management questions. The result ? You boost your productivity and efficiency, improve inventory and shipping accuracy and deliver superior service to those who depend on you to do so. The information Microinvest makes available to you enables you make better decisions that ultimately save time and money. It a flexible system for management of cash flows and warehouse availabilities and is capable of responding to all needs of control over the movement of items.