Search engine optimatization

With millions of customers searching the internet for sites like yours, you need a website they can find easily. Lite Computer Solutions SEO service will help you to optimise your website and submit it to hundreds of major search engines worldwide.

The Complete SEO Solution

  • Combining automated technology with experienced SEO experts.
  • Raise your business to the top of the search rankings.

Submit Your Website to all Major Search Engines

It’s essential to keep your website listed in search engines and directories. SEO automates this time-consuming process:

  • Automatically submits your website to up to 400 search engines and online directories.
  • SEO includes a unique technology that guarantees your website will appear in Google within eight weeks1.
  • Re-submits your website every month.
  • Provides full reporting to show which search engines and directories your site has been submitted to.

Personal Keyword Research

  • The LCS team researches and suggests keywords targeted specifically to your website, product, geographic location and target audience.
  • All suggested keywords are given a competitive analysis to give you the best possible chance of high search rankings.