Asset Tags

Lite Computer Solutions specialises in the manufacture of aluminium barcode labels which are used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Asset labelling and subsequent audit
  • Asset maintenance recording
  • Container and pallet tracking
  • Marking warehouse bin locations
  • Labelling of manufactured products

The high-definition print quality permits the inclusion of company logos and descriptive text on a label in single or multi-colour, even on a small label, resulting in a barcode which is attractive and ideal for scanning equipment. High-quality adhesive may pre-applied to the rear of the barcode labels when required by customers, with two types being available. The cheaper of the adhesives permits “peel off and stick” application, while the more expensive one requires activation with industrial acetone prior to application. If the activation process and subsequent application is carried out correctly, this adhesive ensures that the barcode cannot be removed from the surface to which it is adhering without either destroying the label itself or the underlying surface. The durability of the anodised aluminium surface, together with the high-quality adhesive, ensures that a label remains legible and attached to an asset for its useful life.

It is costly, as well as time-consuming, to purchase and implement a computer asset management system, build a data base of assets owned by an entity, identify them and then label them. It is prudent to then utilise the best quality labels available, generally aluminium barcode labels with high quality adhesive, to label the assets, in order to optimise the benefits from such a system.